Full Service Car Wash

Casino Auto Spa miami full service car wash

Are you in a hurry? Get your car shiny and clean in just a few minutes with one of our Full Service Soft Cloth Wash Services..


#6 The Texas Hold’em: We will vacuum the interior of the car thoroughly before we put it through our high pressure soft cloth wash, we then clean the wheels and tires. Then the body will be turbo dried, and finally  we complete the drying sequence by hand, making sure  all spots are removed and the surfaace is completely dry. The windows are next, cleaned inside and outside. Finally the dashboard, console, door jambs are wiped down, and a bit of air freshener completes the operation.  All for $ 16.00.

For even better results upgrade to our #7  Lucky Seven Deluxe Service with an added under carriage pressure bath to remove sand and grime. The process also includes air blasting the cabin to remove all dust, machine wash the floor mats,to top it all we add a coating of paint Sealer protector plus a Simonize Double Bond wit Teflon wax coating ansd a tire dressing. Price:  $ 20.00   Buy your Lucky Seven Discount Card, pay for Six and get the Seventh Wash free plus our 48 hour Rain Insurance and a Free Wash onyour birthday.

#8  The Roulette: Includes an additional Triple Foam conditioning  process to the above. Price: $34.99

We offer the complete line of  Additional Services, including Detailing, and Motor Cleaning and De greasing. For a complete list of all of our other services, Click Here


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