Car Wash Services.

We offer several types  of Soft Cloth Car Washing Services:

  • Soft Cloth Exterior Wash-

#1 Casino Express

  • Full Service Soft Cloth  Washes:

#6 Texas Hold’em

#7 Lucky Seven

#8 Roulette

#9  Jackpot

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To obtain the best possible results, we recommend one of our Detailing Services. We go the extra mile, hand washing the exterior, and deep cleaning the interior making sure that no details are overlooked. Due to the time required to perform a proper detailing procedure, we suggest you Contact us for details.

  • Detailing Services:

#101 Casino Royale

#102 Casino Deluxe

#103 Casino Interior

#104 Casino Exterior









Wax & Polish

We offer a full line of  finishing services to restore surfaces, as well as protective coatings to maintain cars in top condition:



Additional Services

 We offer a variety of additional services which cover such items as :

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Carpet and Mat Cleaning

  • Head light  restoration

  • Wheel Cleaning and much more.      See Details Here……..

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